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Gourmet hotel + Söll = Love!

Helmut and Heidi would never miss an opportunity to eat well - neither would they want to deprive their guests of that opportunity. In our Genussstub’n, your host, Helmut, conjures up excellent Tyrolean specialities, such as carpaccio of Tyrolean mountain beef, venison ragout of ‘Maibock’ (from the first hunt of the season), or rack of lamb. Using a colourful mix of fresh products and the finest home-bred meat, Helmut either prepares the traditional dishes according to the old recipes or he reinterprets them completely using different cooking methods, recipes, and herbs. This results in individual menu sequences which are a great surprise for the palate and the eye every time.

The gourmet hotel in Söll: open for everyone!

Whether you are a one-day guest with your wedding entourage or a guest in our gourmet hotel in Söll, everyone is welcome in our Genussstub’n! Taste the Hochfilzer specialities and let us spoil you with our culinary delights. You decide on one of our 5-course menus in advance and let us know whether we may serve you some suitable wines. Are you curious about what you can expect from us? Take a look at the menu of our gourmet hotel in Austria. If you’re staying in our premium chalets, you can have food from our Genussstub'n conveniently delivered to your chalet – just choose your favourite dish from our menu and enjoy.

Opening times Genussstub’n:
Monday to Sunday
12 noon to 1 p.m. (small menu)
1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (coffee, cake & ice-cream)
6 p.m. to 11 p.m. (various 5-course evening menus)

A home that tastes good: our gourmet hotel in Austria

High-quality home-bred meat, crisp vegetables from regional farmers, local grain from producers we know personally. In the kitchen of our gourmet hotel in Söll, natural food products from the surrounding area play the leading role, not only because of the good taste, but also because high-quality food is good for your health. Therefore, we use organic products and delicacies from the region in addition to ingredients from our own farm. In this way, we ensure that the food is harvested ripe and have enough time to fully develop all their vitamins and nutrients. You can see, smell, and taste that at ‘Beim Hochfilzer’!

Are you still looking for a venue for your wedding or your celebration? Then our gourmet hotel in Tyrol is the right place for you. We spoil you and your guests with excellent cuisine and delicious drinks. Click here for more information.