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Hotel + Wilder Kaiser = dream location & tiptop Tyrol!

Actually, there is no better location than our hotel’s little spot. Our hotel on Wilder Kaiser is situated in the middle of nature, a little above the tranquil village of Söll. Not only do we shine with our hospitality, our excellent cuisine, and our beautiful new chalets, but the sun always shines longer at ours compared to other establishments in the area: the first plus point for our location! Secondly, you can set off on your hiking tour or to the nearby skiing area right from your doorstep, and thirdly, you can reach your holiday home, ‘Beim Hochfilzer’, from the border crossing at Kiefersfelden between Germany and Austria in only 24 minutes.

Our hotel is situated on a hill above Söll. Here it is still a bit brighter than in the rest of the valley. Sun worshippers who want to get plenty of vitamin D should spend their holidays at our hotel on Wilder Kaiser.

Heidi Hochfilzer